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Douro | Travel Around #3

Today, I am going to talk about Douro. Have you ever heard about it?
So, Douro is a river that borns in Spain and ends in Oporto, but Douro is also a region in Portugal.

 This region is characterized by the beautiful views, especially the valleys full of vineyards and the river between the valleys.

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The vineyards and mostly the wine are the icons of that zone that attract a lot of tourists during the entire year. The famous Oporto Wine comes from this region. In there you will see a lot of properties with different owners and with different kinds of wine.

There are some small villages in Douro; the one that I recommend is Pinhão. Pinhão is very small, but has a really fabulous hotel named CS Vintage House Hotel - Pinhao, because has a great view to some vineyards and to the river. 

In Pinhão you can visit the train station, with amazing tiles on the walls.

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As you are in Pinhão and if you have a chance you can visit the belvedere called “Casal de Loivos” where you can find an extraordinary and amazing view; for me, one of the most amazing views in Portugal.

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In this zone the river cruises are also very well known. You can spend a really nice time, relaxing and appreciating the views.

You can visit the cellars of Oporto Wine in Vila Nova de Gaia, like FERREIRA, OFFLEY, SANDEMAN, CÁLEM, TAYLORS, where you can have a really nice tour guide and also taste the wine!


These are my suggestions but if you do a little research you will find a lot of other places and hotels which you can visit and spend a really nice time.
And finally some extra pictures taken by me:

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So, I hope you like this post and if you like it, so please search about it and visit Douro, it will worth it!


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